Fair Lawn High School (2024)


In order to ensure consistency in grading, all teachers will use the following system of marking:

I = Incomplete, two (2) weeks to make up work after the close of the marking period.


Honors are earned consistent with the following criteria:

In addition to the letter grade indicating a student’s performance in the subject matter, there is provision for a student grade in attitude and responsibility. This will be indicated by using the numerical key found on the report card.


In full-year courses, a student’s final grade is composed of the 4 markingperiod grades, a midterm exam, and a final exam.

Each marking period gradeis worth 20% and each exam is worth 10%.The report card letter grades are used for the final grade calculation, theAcademic/CP scale above is used for all courses regardless of the level.

Full-Year Course Calculation

((MP1 + MP2 + MP3 + MP4) x 2 + ME + FE) ÷ 10 = Final Grade

Full-Year Course Calculation – Exempt from Final Exam

((MP1 + MP2 + MP3 + MP4) x 2 + ME) ÷ 9 = Final Grade

If Midterm and Final Exams are not administered, the Final Grade will beadjusted accordingly.In semester courses, a student’s final grade is composed of the 2 markingperiod grades and a final exam. Each marking period grade is worth 40% andthe final exam is worth 20%. There are no final exam exemptions fromsemester course final exams.

1st Semester Course Calculation

((MP1 + MP2) x 4 + (FE) x 2) ÷ 10 = Final Grade

2nd Semester Course Calculation

((MP3 + MP4) x 4 + (FE) x 2) ÷ 10 = Final Grade

In calculating the final grade a student must have 2 passing grades, onepassing grade must be a marking period grade. The two grades must total aminimum of 0.8. The final decision on any contested grade will be theresponsibility of the building Principal.


Quality points are computerized by multiplying the credit earned for each class by the grade value of that class. The GPA of each student is computed by dividing total quality points by the total credits attempted.


Senior students may be exempt from final examinations if the student meets allof the following criteria. Note: Students who qualify for the exemption mayelect to sit for the exam.

1. The student receives a marking period grade of an A- or higher in at leastthree marking periods, and a B- or higher in the other marking period; a studentcannot receive a B (in any variety), in the fourth marking period.

2. The student receives a B- or higher on the midterm examination. If the student has met all of the qualifying criteria, the student may be exemptfrom the final examination. Teacher discretion applies only to whether theteacher chooses to adopt the policy for all senior students enrolled in his orher class. If a teacher chooses to adopt the exemption policy, the criteria forexemptions cannot be altered in any way.


Any student enrolled in an AP course who takes the AP exam for that coursemay be exempt from the course final examination. Teacher discretion appliesonly to whether the teacher chooses to adopt the policy for all students enrolled in his or her AP class. If a teacher chooses to adopt the exemption policy, the criteria for exemptions cannot be altered in any way. Note: Students who qualify for the exemption may elect to sit for the exam.


This program provides one-half day of vocational and technical industrial/commercial arts career training, which is coordinated with the student‘s high school schedule. All academic classes and co-curricular activities are taken at Fair Lawn High School. Any student who has completed grade nine may apply through the counseling office for admission.

Reciprocity regarding discipline exists between the two schools. If a student is suspended from either school, the student is suspended from both schools for the time indicated.


A parent’s written permission must accompany a request to withdraw. The procedure, including an exit conference with Administration, is accomplished through the counseling office on the day the withdrawal is affected. A transfer card or transcript will be issued only after a student has met all obligations.


As of June 1, 2023, Working Papers for minors have gone digital. Minor workers, their caregivers, and employers fill out their parts of our streamlined online application instead of using the old paper form. To understand the new process, please click here.


While Driver Education is not a requirement for graduation, Fair Lawn High School is concerned about ensuring all our students become safe drivers.

The Fair Lawn Community School is responsible for providing a driver education program. Students should contact their physical education teachers or the Fair Lawn Community School at (201) 794-5450 ext. 2367 for detailed information.


In-Person Credit Recovery at Fair Lawn High School

  • July 5th to July 31st – 2 Sessions per day, 8 am to 11:15 am and 11:45 to 3 pm.

  • Maximum of 2 courses.

  • No Cost to attend.

  • There will be a combination of fully teacher-taught courses and Educere courses with teacher support offered based on enrollment numbers.

  • Registration Link

  • Registration Closes on Friday, June 23rd at 3 pm.

Educere Credit Recovery (Courses not completed at Fair Lawn High School)

*This option is for students who do not take their class(es) at the High School or will not be able to meet the attendance requirements detailed on the registration form.

  • Courses Opens July 5th, 2023.

  • All coursework must be completed by Monday, July 31st at 8 am.

  • In-person final exam at FLHS on Monday, July 31st at 8 am.

  • Maximum of 2 courses.

  • $195 per course paid through PaySchools (details will be sent after registration)

  • Students do not register directly with Educere. They use the registration link below.

  • Registration Closes on Friday, June 23rd at 3 pm.

  • Payment is due by Tuesday, June 27th

Fair Lawn High School (2024)
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