A Hero's Destiny Class Tier List (June 2024) (2024)

A Hero’s Destiny is one of those Roblox experiences where you’ll have to fight and grind for days before you get a shot at beating someone else at PvP. However, you can reach that point quicker if you know which class is best to roll for. To help you with that, here is our ultimate A Hero’s Destiny class tier list!

Table of Contents

  • A Hero’s Destiny Earth Class Tier List
  • A Hero’s Destiny Earth Class Ranking Summaries
  • A Hero’s Destiny Sky Class Tier List
  • A Hero’s Destiny Sky Class Ranking Summaries

A Hero’s Destiny Earth Class Tier List

SCosmic, Gravity, Limitless, Reaper
AArcane Knight, Blast, Hero Hunter, Bing Bong, Ninja, Demon, Phoenix
BAngel, Ultrahuman, Dark Esper, EsperToxin
CAlien, Metal Bat, G.O.D.
DCyborg, Superhuman, Watchdog

A Hero’s Destiny Earth Class Ranking Summaries

A Hero's Destiny Class Tier List (June 2024) (1)

S Tier Earth Classes

  • Gravity — Similar performance to Blast, so you can’t go wrong with it. The only better one you can get is Limitless.
  • Reaper — Used to be P2W, but you can obtain it as F2P now. Easy one-shots, just like Ninja, but much stronger. Probably the best PvP class right now.
  • Limitless — Best all-around Earth class. Huge AoE damage and all skills and relatively short cooldowns. Has flight, too.
  • Cosmic — All abilities have the same cooldown (6 seconds), enabling you to spam them simultaneously and kite in the meantime. OP in PvP because of that, and one of the best for farming, too.

A Tier Earth Classes

  • Arcane Knight — I think AK is good for farming because of his massive AoE damage. This is especially important for new players who just need to grind. After you get 2nd Rebirth, roll for a better one (remember to buy spins before rebirth).
  • Hero Hunter — Second-best Unreal rarity class in A Hero’s Destiny. You get +35% crit chance on awakening, and all skills deal wide-range AoE damage. Mobility is also extremely good.
  • Blast — Possibly the easiest class to grind with on Earth. All skills have good range, damage, and cooldowns.
  • Phoenix — Used to be the best in the game before we got new classes. Infinite fly and huge AoE range and damage. Plus, it has invulnerability on its C skill. Extremely OP in PvP and good for farming.
  • Demon — Infinite flight like Phoenix and has really good AoE for early-game farming. He has lifesteal on his E skill for sustain, though it’s best used against packs of enemies.
  • Bing Bong — One of the best Earth farming classes. Only a bit better than Ultrahuman in performance, so if you have enough rolls, just go for Limitless.
  • Ninja — One of the PvP kings on Earth and relatively easy to get. You get a lot of mobility and 1-shot potential through skills, though you’ll want to stack a lot of agility (750k-1m) to make it work.

B Tier Earth Classes

  • Angel — Excellent for grinding single enemies (better than Esper and Dark Esper). Don’t reroll for it, though.
  • Ultrahuman — Pretty strong, but not better than Hero Hunter or Blast. The AoE is also kind of small.
  • Esper — Best common class for farming. Its skills pull enemies in and deal massive DoT and AoE damage. Plus, the range is solid, too.
  • Dark Esper — A stronger version of Esper with all of its qualities still there. The downside is that it is harder to get, and that’s why it doesn’t get a higher rank.
  • Toxin — Pretty solid for farming because of its DoT and Aoe. However, considering that it’s a legendary class like Arcane Knight and Demon, I can’t rank it higher. If you are low on rolls and get it, keep it.

C Tier Earth Classes

  • Alien — This one’s actually solid for farming, and you should stick with it early on if you don’t have the rolls. Skills have good range and you have healing as well.
  • Metal Bat — It used to be the best class, but now it’s straight-up worse than Dark Esper. It is a bit easier to use, though. So, if you are a complete newbie, it might not be a bad pick.
  • G.O.D. — Pretty tanky and is good for early-game farming. Keep it if you get it, but I think Demon/Phoenix are straight-up better and lower rarity.

D Earth Classes

  • Watchdog — Higher rarity than Cyborg and Superhuman but equally as bad. Absolutely useless for farming, as its AoE, range, and damage are all very low.
  • Cyborg — The C skill is kind of okay for farming but nothing special. Other skills and the garbage stamina regen passive make this class feel really bad to use.
  • Superhuman — Probably the worst class in the game, along with Cyborg. Some players that can combo with it can make it look like it’s not terrible, but I think it’s best to just continue rolling.

A Hero’s Destiny Sky Class Tier List

Bear in mind that literally all Sky classes are better than Earth ones and easily one-shot them. Therefore, I couldn’t put them on the same list. Anyway, here is the tier list for all Sky classes in A Hero’s Destiny:

SMalevolent, Infinity (New)
AAtomic, Esoteric Knight, Eclipse
BFrost Phoenix, Tempest, Thor, Azure
CTanktop, Jajanken

A Hero’s Destiny Sky Class Ranking Summaries

S Tier Sky Classes

  • Infinity — The best class in A Hero’s Destiny ever since it was added. It is basically an ascended version of Limitless. You’ll need 25 Ascended Rebirths to roll for it, though, so it’s basically only for the end-game.
  • Malevolent — Better than Infinity for grinding NPCs (Infinity is better for bosses). It has the best unawakened F skill in the game, dealing almost the same as awakened Infinity F. A bit small AoE, though. R skill is also good (info for Class Builder users).

A Tier Sky Classes

  • Eclipse — It doesn’t require ascended rebirths, only the relic, making it pretty easy to get. Also, similar moves to Atomic, just a bit better damage.
  • Atomic — E and F skills have good range and can set up enemies for your C and R moves. Overall good for bosses and okayish in PvP.
  • Esoteric Knight — His R is really good for Class Builder users, as it provides 50% damage increase and 25% damage reduction. Better than Atomic for grinding, but worse for PvP.

B Tier Sky Classes

  • Thor — Some players on Discord claim he is goated, but I think he isn’t really that OP. He is the best of all commons, that’s for sure, mostly because of his low cooldowns and good single-target DPS.
  • Frost Phoenix — Solid for starters, but worse than legendaries. Excellent kiting capabilities because of its F skill, which you can cast as you move around and deal damage with.
  • Tempest — Bit worse damage than Thor, but much longer range with its whirlwind skill. Excellent for grinding pre-20 Rebirth.
  • Azure — Better than all common classes damage-wise but worse than the higher-rarity ones. You can get it easily early on in Sky, so try to do that.

C Tier Sky Classes

  • Tanktop — Just reroll it.
  • Jajanken — Just reroll it.

Rerolling your class in A Hero’s Destiny should be a lot easier now that you know which ones are best, thanks to our tier list. If you need help figuring out what race, class, weapon, or anything of that sort is best in other Roblox experiences, like Anime Defenders and Type Soul, be sure to click that bookmark button on our home page.

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A Hero's Destiny Class Tier List (June 2024) (2024)
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