Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (2024)


  • Taoqi, while a promising support, falls short in the current metagame compared to alternatives like Verina and Baizhi.
  • Lingyang, a coveted Resonator, offers exceptional gameplay but is challenging to master due to reliance on Ultimate-based damage.
  • Yuanwu is the best tank in Wuthering Waves, excelling at breaking shields and providing valuable team buffs in boss encounters.

In the world of Wuthering Waves, Natural Resonators are formidable warriors. They are characterized by a stable non-convergent Rabelle’s Curve, marked by a sharp rise in its middle section. Currently, there are six Resonators falling under this classification: Taoqi, Calcharo, Jianxin, Lingyang, Uangyang, and Yuanwu. While the type of Rabelle’s Curve a Resonator has does not directly impact their gameplay, it offers insights into their backstory and, potentially, the circ*mstances of their awakening.

The following tier list assesses the performance of all Natural Resonators, explaining their strengths and weaknesses within the current metagame. It's worth noting that when juxtaposed with Mutants, Natural Resonators may appear comparatively less dominant in terms of power and practicality. Mutant Resonators, exemplified by characters such as Jiyan, Mortefi, and Sanhua, have a greater representation in the S-tier category. Nevertheless, a well-coordinated team of Natural Resonators, leveraging synergies and strategic builds, can still compete with them.


Wuthering Waves: Every Congenital Resonator, Ranked

Characters in Wuthering Waves are classified into four different categories. How do the Congenital Resonators stack up against each other?

6 Taoqi

A Promising Support

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (2)
  • Element: Havoc
  • Weapon: Broadblade
  • Rarity: 4-Star

Since the release of Wuthering Waves, Taoqi has been recognized as a support character with significant potential. However, her limited abilities and cumbersome rotation have generally relegated her to the lower tiers. In the current metagame, Taoqi finds herself surpassed by nearly all other support alternatives, notably Verina, Baizhi, and Yangyang. Nonetheless, there's a likelihood of her gaining more relevance in future updates as additional Resonators are introduced to the roster.

Currently, Taoqi’s DMG amplification is not considered among the most practical abilities in the game. This typically renders her a choice influenced by playstyle and preference. However, this does not imply that Taoqi lacks utility. On the contrary, her 38% Rocksteady Shield stands out as one of the most distinctive support utilities, a feature scarcely matched by other characters. Though she may rank lowest on this list, Taoqi is by no means useless.

5 Lingyang

The Most Creative Resonator

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (3)
  • Element: Glacio
  • Weapon: Gauntlets
  • Rarity: 5-Star

Despite his rarity, Lingyang has emerged as a coveted Resonator, largely due to his prominent role in the storyline. Featured prominently in one of the Wuthering Waves missions, players have the opportunity to assume the role of Lingyang and experience his exceptional gameplay, which accounts for his popularity. However, within the metagame, Lingyang is regarded as a challenging Resonator to master, primarily due to his reliance on Ultimate-based damage output.

While other characters like Encore adopt a similar playstyle to Lingyang's, no one has a kit as uniquely tailored as his. During his Ultimate, Lingyang takes to the skies, launching attacks on all enemies from an aerial stance to a ground position. This renders his moveset the most intriguing in the game, albeit at the expense of potentially bewildering players and penalizing tiny errors.

4 Yangyang

The Best Crowd Controller

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (4)
  • Element: Aero
  • Weapon: Sword
  • Rarity: 4-Star

Yangyang stands out as one of the top free Resonators in Wuthering Waves. With her crowd-control prowess, she excels at rounding up enemies for significant AoE damage. Additionally, her versatile kit enables her to function effectively as both a support character and a buffer for the character she substitutes.

Yangyang proves a pragmatic choice for many early-game compositions, owing to her robust synergy potential. However, her primary drawback lies in her somewhat cumbersome rotation and modest base damage output when compared to certain other alternatives.

3 Yuanwu

A Formidable Shield Breaker

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (5)
  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: Gauntlets
  • Rarity: 4-Star

Yuanwu is the best tank in Wuthering Waves, essential for confronting shielded enemies. His kit empowers him to inflict exceptional damage to the target’s Vibration Strength, eventually shattering them and rendering them immobilized. Moreover, Yuanwu boasts high HP, enabling him to withstand enemy assaults without succumbing easily.

What's more, Yuanwu’s Outro Skill grants the team an AoE damage-dealing effect and provides allies with anti-interruption capabilities. These buffs prove invaluable in boss encounters, making Yuanwu an exceptionally dependable unit for both campaign missions and game modes such as the Depths of Illusive Realm.

2 Jianxin

The Queen of Overworld

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (6)
  • Element: Aero
  • Weapon: Gauntlets
  • Rarity: 5-Star

In the current metagame of Wuthering Waves, Jianxin is a favored exploration Resonator. This is attributed to her kit, which encompasses energy-efficient crowd control and shield effects, facilitating Echoes farming. However, Jianxin's versatility extends beyond that of a mere exploration character. Her moveset enables deadly combinations, particularly effective against high-level creatures.

Jianxin’s Outro Skill enhances the Resonance Liberation Damage of the substituted Resonator, while her unique parries grant immunity to the basic attacks of overworld bosses. Nonetheless, there are two notable drawbacks to utilizing Jianxin. The first is her prolonged duration on the field. The second is her relatively weak Purification Force Field, which often proves ineffectual against bosses.

1 Calcharo

The Coolest Sub DPS in Solaris-3

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (7)
  • Element: Electro
  • Weapon: Broadblade
  • Rarity: 5-Star

Renowned for his striking appearance in Wuthering Waves, Calcharo also emerges as one of the finest 5-Star sub-DPS choices. With his staggering damage output during the Dearth Messenger state, Calcharo can quickly enter the fray, inflict damage, and withdraw, all while summoning a Phantom ally to help the next Resonator.

Players accustomed to Ultimate-based damage output will find Calcharo's kit both pragmatic and alluring. His attacks boast manageable rotations and visually captivating effects. However, it's important to note that Calcharo's combos are unforgiving and may penalize players for minor errors. Nevertheless, with mastery of his rotation and skills, he can evolve into a linchpin of META teams.

Wuthering Waves: Natural Resonator Tier List (8)
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