Dragonheir Tierlist and Hero Page Update - HellHades (2024)

With Season 3 coming to an end on Dragonheir: Silent Gods, we have decided it was about time that our Hero Pages got some love.

As such, we have just released the first iteration of this brand new rebuild, as well as begun progress towards a complete overhaul of the way our Tierlist works to make it more generalized and easier to maintain and understand going forward in future seasons.

In this article, we are going to run through the changes we have made and give you a brief insight into the plans we have in the upcoming weeks to take our Dragonheir: Silent Gods Hero Guides to a new level!

Also, a massive thank you and shoutout to fellow content creator and Dragonheir specialist, VanHornGaming for helping us with a second opinion on all of our ratings!


Before delving further, I really want to state the importance of synergy in Dragonheir, just because you have a very highly rated Hero it does not mean that they will perform to the highest degree, many top-tier heroes require a strong lineup around them.

All of our ratings are based on opinion too, opinions can and will vary, if you have any questions or differences of opinion please do let us know in the comments, and we can find a balance in opinions!

Understanding our Tierlist

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty, welcome to our latest Dragonheir Tierlist update.

We have spent the last week completely overhauling all of our Season 3 ratings, with a view of maximum potential in many different areas, these include:

  • The 5 Gear Dungeons (Venom, Curse, Rot, Heretical Ruins and Ancient Battlefield).
  • Vortex
  • Goblin’s Lair
  • Arena
  • Fae Meander
  • Pillar of Trials
  • Weekly Bosses (Green Dragon, Violet Dragon, Gloomland and Two Towers).

All heroes are rated from 0-5 in intervals of 0.5 – 5 being the highest, and of course, 0 being abysmal.

These are then rounded to an overall rating, averaged across all areas – this does affect some heroes, due to the fact that Goblin Lair exists, and while useful in the earlier stages; unfortunately, tanks and healers generally are not the most useful in Goblin due to the low amount of damage taken and the large need for AOE Damage.

Goblin also has a negative impact on strong Single-target heroes, because of the nature of the Dungeon, AOE (Area of Effect) they just don’t perform to the same level whilst they may excel everywhere else!

Our Tierlist is fully filterable, allowing you to view heroes of a certain element, damage type, or rarity, or even to show you all heroes above a certain rating in a certain content area, for example, if you wanted to see anything above a 4 rating in Vortex!

Hero Page Updates

One of the most exciting things about this update we have just released, is step 1 of our Hero Page update, as we strive to bring you the most in-depth, visual guide for each and every hero in Dragonheir: Silent Gods; and yes, we admit that there is lots of room for improvement here, but hold tight – it’s coming!

In this iteration we have launched a scrollable stat bar, allowing you to see the maximum stat potential of each hero in Dragonheir, from level 1 to level 100, as well as a visual graphic that will allow you to see how balanced a Hero is, whether they are only a damage dealer, or offer more in terms of support, ability to tank, or even healing!

Damage: The Damage potential of this hero compared to others of its type.

Control: The Hero’s ability to control the enemy through crowd-control, such as Stuns, Silences, Ultimate Meter manipulation and so on.

Tank: The Hero’s ability to tank enemies successfully (We don’t want our tanks taking premature naps).

Support DEF: The Hero’s ability to support the rest of your team defensively, whether this be in the form of healing, shields, or even Defense buffs.

Support OFF: The Hero’s ability to enhance the rest of the teams’ damage output, from applying Defense Penalty with artifacts, to being an ‘Enabler’ for their damage type – or even removing buffs from enemies that could reduce incoming damage!

Future Changes

As mentioned above, this is just stage one of our Dragonheir Hero update, we aim to have many more exciting things coming in the next few weeks, but here’s a sneak peek.

Seasonal Rating Model:

We intend on rating every single hero based on how they performed in each given season, and consolidating the entire Tierlist into a single list, rather than individual tier lists for each separate season – you will then be able to sort the Tierlist based on the seasonal rating for the season you are looking for. This will allow us to stay on top of making sure all of our ratings are completely accurate to the best of our ability and not let silly mistakes slip through the gaps with such a large amount of ratings to keep track of.

Improved Skill Descriptions:

Unfortunately, the data file we are provided for the game does not include any heroes multipliers or attack radius, but fear not, we are going to be compiling a database with every single heroes multipliers for their skills and documenting the area that they effect, and apply this to all hero pages in the not too distant future.

Gear Recommendations:

We as content creators are frequently asked “How do I build this” or “Can I see your build for X” – whilst we are happy to answer and help, unfortunately, it’s hard to keep on top of helping every single person who reaches out, so we are going to be adding in gear and set recommendations to our hero pages, giving you an understanding of what the best sets and artifacts are for each hero as well as the stats you want to aim for.

Hopefully, this will help everybody to get the most out of their roster!

Inspiration Visuals:

One thing we don’t currently have on the Hero pages is the ability to see what Legendary Inspirations offer, Saphyrra is working on a way to display this on our pages whilst also looking pretty!

Season 4:

Season 4 is coming very soon to global launch servers, and as such, a new batch of heroes will be added to the game, we will aim to get these live on the site as soon as physically possible once we receive full information on them, please be patient however as this requires us fully documenting all of their skills and information and also play-testing them before we can accurately rate them in every area of the game – we will aim to get this done within a week of having access to the heroes on the test server!

View Dragonheir Tierlist

Be sure to check out our Dragonheir Tierlist and let us know what you think in the comments!

Dragonheir Tierlist and Hero Page Update - HellHades (2024)
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